Speaker Development Master’s II

Photography & Image Editing For The Professional Presentation

Upcoming Dates:
Mar 27-28, '15 (Dallas), Sept 10-11, '15 (Dallas), Dec 3-4, '15 (Dallas)

Course Description:
The purpose of this course is to cover information pertaining to photography in the dental field, photo archiving, editing and storage of digital files. It will also touch on the process of scanning documents, photos, slides, and radiographs for storage and use in the dental practice as well as in professional presentations.

Course Type:
Lectures, Laboratories, Interactive Seminars, Participant Presentations


  • Introduction to Camera Systems, Principles and Techniques
    • Camera Systems and equipment for intra/extra oral photography
    • Camera Settings and functions 
    • Photographic Techniques
  • Photography Workshop
    • Hands-on Practice and review
  • Image Management and software review

Learning Materials:
The materials for review in this course will be from current technological magazines, dental journals, and manufacturer’s published materials. Materials required for the Faculty Development II course that must be brought:

  • 1. Personal camera system for dental photography if already available (otherwise the participant will be able to work with a number of different systems supplied by DevRight during the course).
  • 2. Personal Computer with adequate RAM, HDD, and Processor in accordance with the current standards for the courses. (These will be emailed to you prior to the course.)

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