Speaker Development Master’s III

Advanced Graphics in Professional Presentations

Upcoming Dates:
May 29-30, '15 (Dallas), Sept 25-26, '15 (Dallas), Dec 4-5, '15 (Dallas)

Course Description:
Participation in the Speaker Development Master’s I is a prerequisite for this course. This course will explore how professional presentations can offer enhancements to the practice and scientific research of dentistry. The use of digital media for laboratory communication, patient education, professional presentations, and inter-office communications will be reviewed. Information will be reviewed on the building blocks to creating professional presentations, followed by an in depth look at fabricating advanced professional presentations. Various formats for presentation will be discussed and reviewed. The most effective use of different modalities for patient presentations, teaching, lectures and seminars will be introduced. Advanced use of transitions, custom animation, audio, and video inclusions into presentations will also be introduced. Current legalities surrounding professional presentations will be reviewed as they pertain to company information, copyright materials, and the ethical use of patient materials. Participants are required to give a 8-minute presentation at the onset of the course.

Course Type:
Lectures, Interactive Seminars, Participant Presentations

  • Speaker Development Master’s III
    • Advanced PowerPoint/ Advanced Keynote
      • Transitions
      • Graphics
      • Map slides/Hyperlinks
      • Custom Animations
      • Audio
      • Video
      • Presentation format
    • Master Slide and Template Design
    • Discuss and understand the use of different presentation formats:

Learning Materials:
The materials for review in this course will be from current technological magazines, dental journals, and manufacturer’s published materials. Materials required for the Faculty Development III course that must be brought:

  • 1. Personal Computer with adequate RAM, HDD, and Processor in accordance with the current standards for the courses. (These will be emailed to you prior to the course.)
    • a. PC or Mac
    • b. Mouse and mouse pad
  • 2. Current Software Configurations
  • 3. Handout materials will be provided to facilitate review of all exercises at home as well as in the course.




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