DevRight Speakers are recognized nationally and internationally, from local Study Clubs to World Symposia, they have OWNed the podium and lecture on a variety of topics that range from basic to advanced.

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Some examples of DevRight Speaker's Topics:


  • 3-D Implant Placement
  • The Pink Zone - Dealing with Deficient Sites
  • Surgical Considerations for Esthetic Success
  • SAC - Risk Assessment
  • Ridge Augmentation for Implant Site Development
  • Piezo Surgery Techniques
  • Complications: Challenges and Solutions


  • Reaching Esthetic Excellence
  • Restoration Driven Team Communication
  • Bone and Soft Tissue Level Implants - Prosthetic Indications
  • Implant Temporization: Key to Implant Esthetic Success
  • Digital Treatment Procedures for Implant Dentistry.


  • Periodontal Esthetic Procedures
  • Growth Factors - Which, Where and How?
  • Periodontal Endoscopy


  • Treatment Planning and The Execution of Treatment for the Adult Patient
  • Orthodontic Management of the Complex Case
  • Orthodontic Practice - Management