Implant World Cup 2011


---Remember the valiant heroes descended upon Barcelona?

---Remember the fellowship, camaraderie  and networking with implant dentists took on a meaning more than a few cocktails between friends?

---Remember when football matches weren’t just games we watched in between scientific sessions?

---Want to remember once again?  See that goal one more time? Hear the cheers of the fans before they fade into the Mediterranean surf?

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The Implant World Cup Video Campaign.

Read about the event and support those that played, cheered and couldn't attend by Clicking to Donate to the creation of the Implant World Cup Documentary!  Your support for this movie is crucial even if you weren't there.  And this project is all about reliving the fun!


“Football’s not about life or death, it’s much more important than that!”

“Nothing can compare- this is absolutely incredible!”

Quotes coming out of the football extravaganza that was put together by DevRight in order to accomplish three goals during an event last year:

1.      Combine the greatness of two things that bring the world together:  The Beautiful Game of Football and the International Team for Implantology (ITI) - a unique network of dental implant professionals from around the world promoting research, education and networking among its membership.

2.      Raise awareness and funds to support the non-profit Project 31, founded by ITI Fellows to serve the dental needs of underserved populations.

3.      Have a blast staging a show where the characters are real life dental professionals living their glory days of footballers long gone (aside from a few young Italians who slipped onto the pitch)!


The Background Story:

The stage was set early in 2008 when the likes of Drs. Chris Evans, Brody Hildebrand, Stephen Chen, Dean Morton, Anthony Dickenson and Will Martin had dinner in NYC during a World Symposium on implant dentistry.  In between learning, teaching and sharing the most cutting edge advancements in implantology some seeds of inspiration were planted as these young guns longed to exercise their creative muses outside of dentistry by creating an event that would not only allow the participants of a meeting to be entertained but for the spectators to have a deep vested interest in the athletes on the pitch.

2009 brought the renewed discussions over cocktails after days of teaching. As the seeds continued to grow and support from Bob Levine, Alejandro Trevino, and Deigo Bechelli came on board, an event that would bring all cultures and nationalities together was decided upon--  Football (Soccer to you Americans) was the only answer!

2010 saw the extent of implant meetings grew and the influence of the ITI continued its impressive expansion through amazing leadership and forward thinking directives.  The fervor rose as more participants from Asia and South America began to join the catch wind of the developing plans of these young, energetic and enthusiastic implant specialists. 

Finally, when Barcelona was selected, the call of "La Roja", "Barca", and "the Messi" could not be ignored.  With persistent and steadfast determination the plans were vetted by footballers Waldemer Polido, Alejandro Trevino, Diego Bechelli, Luca Cordaro, Mario Roccuzzo, Farhad Bolcthi, Jim Ruskin and others from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Italy, Spain, Canada, the United States.  What began as a dream by a few football fantics and enthusiasts over drinks looking out over the Baltic stretched across the globe with supporters, participants, and event planners working to pull together the Implant World Cup.  No detail was too small to be overlooked because excellence was a way of life for all those involved.  The PR was in motion and the event was launched with the W Hotel Barcelona being the headquarters.

The Football Talent:

Will “Bone Crusher” Martin, Brody “Fleetfoot” Hildebrand, Eduardo “The Enforcer” Lorenzana, Sophocles "Stonehead" Voyiazis, Siegfried "The German" Heckmann, Alexey "The Bear" Drobyshev and 60 other athletes of yesteryear representing 20 different countries came together at the foothills of the Barcelona Olympic venue to test their skills against the best and brightest (admittedly debatable) football playing dental implant specialists from around the world.  The epic battle that ensued will forever be debated, replayed, and lived out in the thoughts of those who took to the battle pitch and joined with their football brothers to enjoy Barcelona in all its glory.  The event brought seasoned footballers and young stallions alike...***albeit an investigation is still pending resolution by the executive board of the Implant World Cup into illegal participation by "ringers" slipped onto the Southern European team---but that comes as no suprise to many in the football world!



Teams were divided up by regions and assembled for a round robin style tournament:

             Team North America                           Team Southern Hemisphere


           Team Northern Europe                                 Team Southern Europe


The Tournament:

The venue had to be spectacular, the equipment perfect, the entertainment non-stop and every minute planned to perfection.  The football pitch was set in the former Olympic Village from the iconic Barcelona ’92 Olympics.  Surrounded by beautiful parks leading to the Mediterranean Coast it was surreal. Customized uniforms, bags, balls, post-game jerseys and athletic bags stocked with event swag were provided for the footballers.  Even coaching jerseys and referee booking kits were supplied.


The participants were welcomed and taken care of by the award winning beauties from Europe and North America.  And they were fueled by the support of 5 Hour Energy (special thanks for the hospitality and the donations of 5 Hour Energy)


Fans were entertained during the game by the effervescent and wildly popular Gino DeSimone controlling the microphone.  It was heard that he had promised to wrestle a Spanish bear after the games if the show wasn’t sold out…


…and a packed stadium it was with standing room only on this beautiful Catalonian summer day….


….and fans felt a sense of relief at the bear’s good fortune!


The action was non-stop and captured by video specialists from Hollywood and photographers on assignment for Maxim Magazine who lent their trade for the absolutely fantastic and fun event:

Post-game music was provided by a local DJ while athletes and fans mingled snacking on the finest Spanish hors de oeuvre and red wine reserved for only the most prestigious “Catalina Wine Mixer” events.



Film Crew:

Luke Coffee and Andrew Hudson from Coffee Productions flew to Barcelona early, stayed late and captured the rich culture to blend in with the amazing footage from the Implant World Cup Tournament and after party (Supported by MaxSurge)



Dixie Dixon (Maxim Magazine) will bring all of the still footage together in her own wizard-like way and create something truly fantastic!


Support came from all types of groups and peoples.  Straumann support from the United States, Iberia, Australia, and Mexico was instrumental in monumental ways.  Uniforms, equipment, bags and swag were all made possible in part due to the wonderful sponsors:


Straumann, William Noble Fine Jewels, MaxSurge,

Boltchi Perio and Implant Concepts, PURE Dental, and of course DevRight.


Initial Film Production Support:

Special thanks to the following sponsors for helping support the production of the movie trailer seen at the begining of this page that gives everyone a taste of what is to come with the documentary:

South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry,

RP Valet, Dr. Jeff Ganeles, Teeth Today, and DevRight video team


So Why Support this Project?

These amazing events shouldn't fade into the cobwebs of our memory and so we want to do commemerate the event with something fresh, new and fun... and do it with YOU! So read on and consider helping to fund the Implant World Cup Movie!! And by supporting this effort, give a vote for DevRight to put together and host future amazing events as well!

This will be the world's first Implant World Cup less than 5% of the cost of a normal documentary. All money goes to the production of a fun movie and the hosting of a premeir.  Any additional funds go towards the support of care for less served dental populations through Project 31.

With the participation of the Kickstarter community (you), use of tireless committed worker bees (Eduardo Lorenzana, Bryce Marti, Audrie Mabe, Several Anonymous Swiss Supporters, Alejandro Trevino, Chris Evans, Waldemar Polido, Ramona Owen just to name a few), a team led by some of the industry's gifted visionaries at DevRight (Will Martin, Brody Hildebrand, Byron Relayson), a promotional group from Straumann US, Canada, Australia, Mexico and Iberia (Gino DeSimone, Alain Laroche, Angela Young, Andreas Mueller, Jens Dexheimer) and the power duo of Dean Morton and Jim Ruskin working the Public Relations we know with absolute certainty that you will want to be a part of this incredible movie production by Coffee Productions.


The Kickstarter funds will be specifically used to employ 2 talented young video production artists to bring this crazy implant community world to life in a video documentary and then host a showcase premier event in London.

The estimated production timeline is 4 weeks and we are looking to have a finished product in time for a premier showing in London the last weekend of August.  What a better time to launch the premier than at the first anniversary of the inaugural Implant World Cup?

If we exceed our goal the extra funds will go towards covering the initial costs of producing and hosting the event followed by supporting the further development of future Implant World Cup tournaments. 



We want to give you the power to help create this fun film documenting stars from the past from around the world play football!- as well as get some fun things!

Various donation levels exist, so look for a level that suits you.  Those that played will want to hit a level so their incredible efforts can be forever showcased.  Higher level sponsors will get the added benefits of production credits as well as the PR related with such support.  Whether it is for the love of the game, the fun of sharing with your practice and patients, or just because you want to see more of these kinds of fun events, please donate to this great project and pass it along to all your friends, colleagues, patients or family so we can relive this event for years to come!

We're doing something entirely different in the world of dental implant entertainment.  And we're making YOU part of the process!!  So don’t let this trophy fail to be immortalized nor let these young lads down!  Just like the World Cup, there can’t be a tournament every year so the Implant World Cup Committee has decided to host the unveiling of the movie this year in London. Help make that a reality and bring the Implant World Cup back in the near future.

Thanks for your time - We hope you join the Production Team!

- DevRight Implant World Cup Event Team