#2 Resume Woes


After you have developed a plan for your future you must begin to market yourself to those practices that you see yourself in.  You would be shocked at the poor quality of resumes that we receive at our office and this becomes a huge factor when we hire individuals to work for us.  

A well written and well produced resume is your opportunity to make a strong first impression.  There are four simple ideas that you can incorporate that will turn your resume from good to great.

The first idea is to provide something measurable in your resume.  Often time’s candidates are too vague in their descriptions of past work.  We want to know the skills that you have learned and that contributed to your success as a dental student.  This also helps measure you against your competition.  

The second idea is to only include jobs that add to your marketability.  We see resumes where candidates include every job they have had since they were born.  I am not concerned with the family ironing job you had when you were 6 years old making 25 cents for every shirt.  What I am concerned with are those jobs that have taught you skills that add value to your expertise.

The third idea is making sure that you claim your accomplishments.  My suggestion has always been to claim you successes and make sure to include those in your resume.  One word of caution, there have been highly visible people that have embellished their resumes and that can come back to bite you in the back side.  So, claim your accomplishments and be truthful when you include them in your resume.

The final idea is the simplest.  Do not forget to spell check and have the right contact information in your header.  Honestly, one of the most depressing things when I read a resume is seeing grammatical errors, run on sentences, and words that are not even close to being spelled write.  You top that off with an email address that has been deactivated for 5 years and that is a recipe for disaster.  Pay attention to details and we will pay attention to your resume!

In closing, a resume is your first impression and the threshing floor is ripe with bad resumes that get destroyed immediately.  Pay attention to the above 4 ideas and you will have a much better chance of landing that dream job you have envisioned for yourself.  



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