Speaker Development Master’s IV

OWN IT! Your Reputation, Your Presentation, Your Room and Your Audience

Upcoming Dates: Jan. (TBD), '15 (Dallas)

Participation in the Speaker Development Master’s I and III is a prerequisite for this course. The focus of this course is to review and instruct in advanced public speaking techniques, its focus is on lecture coaching. The goals are for the participant to learn how to evaluate and teach the audience, controlling and staying on the objective of the lecture, timing issues and flow of the presentation, evaluating speaking patterns and crutches. The participant will also learn how to improve his stage presence and maintain audience engagement, manage questions and hostile participants.

Course Type:
Lectures, Interactive Seminars, Participant Presentations

  • Speaker Development Master’s IV
    • OWN IT!
    • Advanced Public Speaking coaching:
      • Evaluating the audience
      • Presenter view
      • Timing issues
      • Evaluation of speaking patterns
      • Gesticulation
      • Stage presence
      • Audience engagement:
        • Managing hostile participants
        • Answering questions
        • Appropriate use of humor
      • Flow of presentations
      • Teaching techniques
    • Computeri/presentation technical issues:
      • Managing computer/projector problems
      • Poor room layout
      • Poor stage design
      • Audio and video recording
      • Wireless and Bluetooth capabilities for education and lectures
      • Tablet run presentations
  • Updates on advanced aspects of PowerPoint and Keynote
  • 3D graphics to make presentations more memorable but not overbearing
  • Ethics and Legalities in Speaking on Corporate Forums versus in private venues.
  • Corporate Policies presented specific entities

Learning Materials:
The materials for review in this course will be from current technological magazines, dental journals, and manufacturer’s published materials. Materials required for the Faculty Development III course that must be brought:

  • 1. Personal Computer with adequate RAM, HDD, and Processor in accordance with the current standards for the courses. (These will be emailed to you prior to the course.)
    • a. PC or Mac
    • b. USB Drive
    • c. Mouse and mouse pad
  • 2. Current Software Configurations:
    • a. PC: Office/PowerPoint
    • b. Mac: iWork
  • 3. Some software for use in this course must be purchased off the internet
    • a. Morpheus
  • 4. Some materials for this course will be supplied at the onset of specific courses.
  • 5. Handout materials and CDs will also be provided to facilitate review of all exercises at home as well as in the course.

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