Speaker Support

Your presentation is done, your date with a big podium is fast approaching and you’re in need of feedback or technical support on a difficult slide transition or conversion or you just need to make your presentation “Pop”. Get in touch with DevRight’s presentation experts, who’ve worked on hundreds of similar presentations and have “Owned” the podium for the advice you need.

Podium 190x130v1DevRight’s Speaker Support provides:

  • One-on-One, remote or onsite presentation review and analysis - Feedback and coaching.
  • Refinement Services by DevRight’s Presentation Team.
  • Support and directions on file format conversions from Keynote to PowerPoint or from 4:3 to 16:9 or even 3:1.
  • Technical support and problem solving.
  • Comprehensive solutions regarding projection or AV set-up.
  • Designing a room for a meeting to be hosted and aiding speakers in assessing the best format, delivery and hardware for their big event.
  • Support with video capture and post production support.
  • Remote video presentation projection.